Module Positions

This page will show all module positions within the template: Top, Header, Navigation, Breadcrumb, Showcase, Feature, Utility, MainTop, Content Top, Content Bottom, MainBottom, SideBar, Bottom, Footer and Copyright. Other positions such as Drawer, Debug, Slider, Analitycs, Popup and menu module positions are not shown.

The Top, Header, Bradcrumb, Showcase, Feature, Utility, MainTop, MainBottom, Bottom and Footer positions all come in denominations of 6 (A-F), with Content Top, Content Bottom and SideBar coming in denominations of 3 (A-C). Other positions such as Slider, Drawer, Navigation, Debug, Copyright, Popup are singular instances.

In this preview page you can see all three columns on right side, but you can adjust mainbody and columns layout straight in admin panel, there is a 36 possible combinations for the layout of the mainbody/sidebars alone, Also you can set width of columns, modules, and mainbody in template layout settings, layout is based on 12 column grid (960px).

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