SWIP-Ireland 5th Annual Conference and General Meeting Final Programme announced

 Society for Women in Philosophy – Ireland

5th Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting

Feminist Ethics in Theory and Practice: Challenging practices in contested domains

December 2-4, 2016 | NUI Galway, IT Building


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Friday December 2

1:00-2:00: Registration and Coffee

2:00-2:15: Welcome


2:15-3:15 Keynote Address

Alice Crary (The New School)

The Animal Question in Ethics: A Discussion in the Light of Feminist and other 'Alternative' Epistemologies.


3:15-4:45: Panel session 1

1A: Care Ethics

Helen Mussell: Exploring the ethics of social responsibility: revealing caring relations

Ornaith O’Dowd: Care in Kantian Ethics

1B: Empathy and relationality: Attunement, intimacy  and interpretation

Whitney Ronshagen: Empathy, limits and dependency

Sarah Fayad: Personal narrative and empathetic intersubjectivity

Jim Bodington: Empathy and relationality in understanding and treating clinical depression


4:45-5:00: Coffee


5:00-6:00: Panel session 2

2A Gender, boundaries and agency


Mary McGill: Reflections on Selfie Research

Sarah Lucas: Dissolving Boundaries: Loneliness and Ontological agency


2B Phenomenological perspectives on feminist ethics



Anya Daly: Merleau-Ponty and the Ethics of Intersubjectivity


Anna Bortolan: The ethical relevance of self esteem: a phenomenological view


6:00 Reception (Orbsen Building Foyer)


Saturday, December 3


9:30-10:30: Panel session


3A: Ethics in Healthcare

Aiste Bartkiene: The Ethos and Pathos of Care: What Kind of Needs are Justified in the Nursing Field?

Ylva Gustafsson: Critical perspectives on empathy in medicine: the rise of cognitive science and the loss of narrative medicine


3B: Language and Narrative


Irene Delodovice: The flesh of words. The ethical dimension of language in Irigaray and Merleau-Ponty


Aine Mahon: Derrida and The School: Language Loss and Language Learning in the Republic of Ireland


Keynote lecture: 10:30-11:30:

Jackie Leach Scully: The 'feminist' in feminist bioethics


11:30-12:00: Coffee


12:00-13:00 Panel session


4A: Epistemic Injustice

Charlotte Blease: Epistemic injustice in healthcare encounters: evidence from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Katie Rooney: Hermeneutical lacunas? Characterising the problem of inequalities in collective resources of social interpretation


4B Relationality

Audra Goodnight: Second person relations

Anh Quan Nguyen: Relational impartiality: a revision of moral impartiality from a feminist point of view


4C Narrative and identity

Sarah Lucas: Dissolving Boundaries: Loneliness and ontological agency

Eleonora Mingarelli: Shall I iron his shirts? An analysis into narratives, identities, and communication


13:00 -14:00: Lunch break


14:00-15:00: Panel session 5

5A: Women and ethics in the Irish context

EL Putnam: “Neglect of Their Duties:” Feminist Maternal Ethics and the Irish Intimate Public Sphere

Dianna Taylor: Irish Republican Women’s Ethical and Political Resistance: A Feminist-Foucauldian Perspective


5B Moral Concepts

Patrizia Setola: Pure-breds and mongrels: a feminist issue

Miranda Boldrini: Conceptual dryness and moral experience: Iris Murdoch as Cultural Critic


5C: Families and Children

Danielle Dalit Levitan: Is there a moral right to childrearing?

Jena Jolissaint: In the Best Interest of the Family: Towards a Relational Model of Divorce Litigation


15:00-15:15: Coffee


15:15-16:45: Panel session 6


6A: Care ethics in practice

Treasa Campbell: Ethic of Care in the regulation, education and practice of social care workers

Rosemary Marron: Care and relational ethics in education

Kaylee McNeill: The Anti-Vaccination movement and ethics of care in parenthood


6B Virtues, habits and metaphysics


Elisa Magri: Habit, Style, and Social Norms

Caroline Christoff: Beyond Emotions: Rethinking the Relationship Between Care and Virtue


Suki Finn: The metaphysics of pregnancy: tenancy or parthood?


16.45- 18.00:  SWIP- Ireland Annual General Meeting


18:30: Conference Dinner Meyrick Hotel, Bar 15



Sunday, December 4


9:30-11:00: Panel session 7


7A Older persons and the end of life


Donna Maguire: Ethical implications of care robots

Marie Carew: Promoting flourishing for older adults through an ethics of care

Annie McKeown O’Donovan: Ethics, Acts and Omissions in the ruling of Fleming v Ireland and the Oireachtas, 2013


7B Narrative ethics

Melissa Burchard: It takes a story (to make sense of a principle)

Su-ming Khoo: Narrating ethical inter/transdisciplinarity – reflections on researching and teaching human rights and development in a posthuman, postdevelopment world

Yianna Liatsos: Feminist Genealogies and the Promise of Agency in Single Mothers by Choice Autobiographies


11:00-11:15 : Coffee


11:15-12:15 Panel session 8


8A Infractions and atrocities

Helen Coverdale: Care and Punishment: recognizing the ethics of care and caring practice in criminal punishment

Jill Hernandez: Harms (...and Goods): The legacy of the Atrocity Paradigm


8B Sexuality and vulnerability


Courtney Miller: Victims/survivors of sexual assault: Recognising dependence and vulnerability


Nanette Ryan: Self-Respecting Sex


12:15-13:15 : Keynote Address

Mary Donnelly: Lost in Translation?: Moral and Legal Responses to Impaired Capacity


Conference close


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