SWIP Ireland/UK Joint Conference

The Society for Women in Philosophy, Ireland, in conjunction with UK Society for Women in Philosophy, are hosting their first joint conference. The conference aims to explore the broad theme of Politics and Women across philosophical traditions. 2012 marks the 90th anniversary of full women's suffrage in Ireland when all women over 21 were given the right to vote. Even so only around 15% of Irish politicians are women.

In recognition of the continuing disparity between the promise of politics and political realities, this year's SWIP conference will focus on the philosophical implications of thinking women and politics together in the 21st Century.

The conference is hosted by the School of Philosophy, University College Dublin.

Organising Committee
Maria Baghramian, University College Dublin
Michelle Bastian, University of Manchester
Luna Dolezal, Trinity College Dublin
Charlotte Knowles, Birkbeck College



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