SWIP Ireland: Ann Cahill Workshop, 7th February, NUI Merrion Square, Dublin

The Society for Women in Philosophy Ireland invites you to a workshop with Prof. Ann Cahill (Professor of Philosophy, Elon University). Prof. Cahill's work is situated at the intersection of feminist philosophy and philosophy of the body, where she develops new analyses of common concepts, such as sexual violence or objectification. For full details of the talk she will be giving, please see the below abstract and register here.


“Unjust Sex vs. Rape”

This talk will address a persistent philosophical conundrum, what I call the problem of the “heteronormative sexual continuum”: how sexual assault and hegemonic heterosex are conceptually and politically related. I will respond to the work of Nicola Gavey, who has argued for the existence of a “gray area” of sexual interactions that are ethically questionable without rising to the category of sexual assault, but whose analysis did not explicitly articulate what these two categories share or what distinguishes them from each other. I will argue that the two categories share a disregard for women’s sexual subjectivity (focusing particularly on the factor of sexual desire) and are distinguished by the different role that women’s sexual agency plays in each.


All welcome!

Home CFA v4

Why do they stay? Why do people want to stay in homes when they have the option of leaving, and it seems like there are very good reasons to leave? Why do people choose to stay in a home that is severely distressed?

Why do they stay in homes that are threatened by natural disaster or war? Why do they stay in homes in neighbourhoods that are so bad that they fear for their life? Why do immigrants long for their home long after they have left it behind?

The current migrant crisis, as well as the shortage of affordable housing in Ireland and other countries, illuminates the central significance of the home. Although technological developments mean that the role of the home is ever changing and, arguably, becoming more of a public space, the relative privacy of the home means that it remains a place of sanctuary for some and a place of violence, abuse, or oppression for others. This SWIP Ireland conference aims to provide a supportive and engaging environment for researchers working on the topic of "The Home", broadly construed. Proposals for papers from persons of all genders are welcome and the participation of persons from minority groups, immigrants, refugees, and displaced persons is actively encouraged.

Deadline: 7 March 2017

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 Society for Women in Philosophy – Ireland

5th Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting

Feminist Ethics in Theory and Practice: Challenging practices in contested domains

December 2-4, 2016 | NUI Galway, IT Building


Download abstracts


Friday December 2

1:00-2:00: Registration and Coffee

2:00-2:15: Welcome


2:15-3:15 Keynote Address

Alice Crary (The New School)

The Animal Question in Ethics: A Discussion in the Light of Feminist and other 'Alternative' Epistemologies.


3:15-4:45: Panel session 1

1A: Care Ethics

Helen Mussell: Exploring the ethics of social responsibility: revealing caring relations

Ornaith O’Dowd: Care in Kantian Ethics

1B: Empathy and relationality: Attunement, intimacy  and interpretation

Whitney Ronshagen: Empathy, limits and dependency

Sarah Fayad: Personal narrative and empathetic intersubjectivity

Jim Bodington: Empathy and relationality in understanding and treating clinical depression


4:45-5:00: Coffee


5:00-6:00: Panel session 2

2A Gender, boundaries and agency


Mary McGill: Reflections on Selfie Research

Sarah Lucas: Dissolving Boundaries: Loneliness and Ontological agency


2B Phenomenological perspectives on feminist ethics



Anya Daly: Merleau-Ponty and the Ethics of Intersubjectivity


Anna Bortolan: The ethical relevance of self esteem: a phenomenological view


6:00 Reception (Orbsen Building Foyer)


Saturday, December 3


9:30-10:30: Panel session


3A: Ethics in Healthcare

Aiste Bartkiene: The Ethos and Pathos of Care: What Kind of Needs are Justified in the Nursing Field?

Ylva Gustafsson: Critical perspectives on empathy in medicine: the rise of cognitive science and the loss of narrative medicine


3B: Language and Narrative


Irene Delodovice: The flesh of words. The ethical dimension of language in Irigaray and Merleau-Ponty


Aine Mahon: Derrida and The School: Language Loss and Language Learning in the Republic of Ireland


Keynote lecture: 10:30-11:30:

Jackie Leach Scully: The 'feminist' in feminist bioethics


11:30-12:00: Coffee


12:00-13:00 Panel session


4A: Epistemic Injustice

Charlotte Blease: Epistemic injustice in healthcare encounters: evidence from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Katie Rooney: Hermeneutical lacunas? Characterising the problem of inequalities in collective resources of social interpretation


4B Relationality

Audra Goodnight: Second person relations

Anh Quan Nguyen: Relational impartiality: a revision of moral impartiality from a feminist point of view


4C Narrative and identity

Sarah Lucas: Dissolving Boundaries: Loneliness and ontological agency

Eleonora Mingarelli: Shall I iron his shirts? An analysis into narratives, identities, and communication


13:00 -14:00: Lunch break


14:00-15:00: Panel session 5

5A: Women and ethics in the Irish context

EL Putnam: “Neglect of Their Duties:” Feminist Maternal Ethics and the Irish Intimate Public Sphere

Dianna Taylor: Irish Republican Women’s Ethical and Political Resistance: A Feminist-Foucauldian Perspective


5B Moral Concepts

Patrizia Setola: Pure-breds and mongrels: a feminist issue

Miranda Boldrini: Conceptual dryness and moral experience: Iris Murdoch as Cultural Critic


5C: Families and Children

Danielle Dalit Levitan: Is there a moral right to childrearing?

Jena Jolissaint: In the Best Interest of the Family: Towards a Relational Model of Divorce Litigation


15:00-15:15: Coffee


15:15-16:45: Panel session 6


6A: Care ethics in practice

Treasa Campbell: Ethic of Care in the regulation, education and practice of social care workers

Rosemary Marron: Care and relational ethics in education

Kaylee McNeill: The Anti-Vaccination movement and ethics of care in parenthood


6B Virtues, habits and metaphysics


Elisa Magri: Habit, Style, and Social Norms

Caroline Christoff: Beyond Emotions: Rethinking the Relationship Between Care and Virtue


Suki Finn: The metaphysics of pregnancy: tenancy or parthood?


16.45- 18.00:  SWIP- Ireland Annual General Meeting


18:30: Conference Dinner Meyrick Hotel, Bar 15



Sunday, December 4


9:30-11:00: Panel session 7


7A Older persons and the end of life


Donna Maguire: Ethical implications of care robots

Marie Carew: Promoting flourishing for older adults through an ethics of care

Annie McKeown O’Donovan: Ethics, Acts and Omissions in the ruling of Fleming v Ireland and the Oireachtas, 2013


7B Narrative ethics

Melissa Burchard: It takes a story (to make sense of a principle)

Su-ming Khoo: Narrating ethical inter/transdisciplinarity – reflections on researching and teaching human rights and development in a posthuman, postdevelopment world

Yianna Liatsos: Feminist Genealogies and the Promise of Agency in Single Mothers by Choice Autobiographies


11:00-11:15 : Coffee


11:15-12:15 Panel session 8


8A Infractions and atrocities

Helen Coverdale: Care and Punishment: recognizing the ethics of care and caring practice in criminal punishment

Jill Hernandez: Harms (...and Goods): The legacy of the Atrocity Paradigm


8B Sexuality and vulnerability


Courtney Miller: Victims/survivors of sexual assault: Recognising dependence and vulnerability


Nanette Ryan: Self-Respecting Sex


12:15-13:15 : Keynote Address

Mary Donnelly: Lost in Translation?: Moral and Legal Responses to Impaired Capacity


Conference close


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Details on how to get there from here.


Accommodation options from here.


Looking forward to seeing you in Galway!


Call for Abstracts
Society for Women in Philosophy, Ireland
5th Annual Conference and General Meeting
2-4 December 2016, NUI Galway, Ireland

Conference Theme: Challenging practices in contested domains: feminist ethics in theory and practice

Recent decades have seen increasing interest in feminist perspectives in ethics. Alternative approaches to ethical theory and practical moral concerns have led to the questioning of traditional approaches and have enriched the landscape of ethical reflection in both established and emerging areas of interest.

The Society for Women in Philosophy Ireland is inviting contributions to a conference on the topic of “Challenging practices in contested domains: feminist ethics in theory and practice” in December 2-4, 2016. Papers might address, but are not limited to, feminist considerations with regard to the following topics:

  • -       Care ethics and relational ethics
  • -       Narrative Ethics
  • -       Moral imagination
  • -       The ethics of empowerment and marginalisation
  • -       Ethical concerns with regard to disability, reproduction, genetics, information technologies, the environment, animals, biology


Professor Alice Crary (New School for Social Research) will be a keynote speaker at the conference. Papers related to any aspect of her work are also welcome. Other invited speakers will be announced soon.

The focus of the conference is primarily philosophical, however, interdisciplinary papers combining philosophy with, among others, healthcare perspectives, sociology, gender studies, cultural studies, politics, or medical humanities are welcome. People of all genders are welcome to contribute!

The most recent conferences in the SWIP Ireland conference series addressed “Ways of Knowing: Feminist epistemology and philosophy of science” (2015) and “Women’s Bodies” (2014). For further information on SWIP Ireland, see http://www.swip-ireland.com/. Galway is a university town in the West of Ireland with good travel connections from Dublin and Shannon.

Presentations will be 20 minutes plus discussion. There is the possibility of submissions for shorter panel presentations.

Abstract submission: September 15, 2016, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with the header “CFA SWIP Ireland conference”

Individual abstracts: Please submit an anonymised abstract of 250-400 words and provide separate contact details.

Panel submissions: Please submit an anonymised panel description of 400-600 words, including the proposed individual contributions on the panel theme. List the proposed contributors and the corresponding author’s contact details separately.

Notification of acceptance: October 1, 2016


Gender, Public Policy, and Philosophies of Emotion

SWIP Ireland cordially invites you to a workshop on Gender, Public Policy, and Philosophies of Emotion.

When: Friday, 17th June, 9.30-17.30

Where: Moot Court, Sutherland School of Law, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4


The event will include philosophical perspectives on gender, public policies, and emotion, and contributions from policy-makers and civil society representatives.

The keynote address will be delivered by Prof. Bonnie Mann (University of Oregon) on "Gender, Shame, and Redemption."


For further further details and a full programme see here.

Please follow the Eventbrite link to register.


Supported by the Society for Applied Philosophy and UCD School of Philosophy.

Organised by Dr. Clara Fischer (UCD) in conjunction with SWIP Ireland.

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