Article 1: Name and Credentials

1.1 The society is called the 'Society for Women in Philosophy Ireland' (SWIP Ireland).

1.2 SWIP Ireland is an independent organisation. No person or party may benefit from financial transactions that are incompatible with the purposes of the society, or profit from excessively high reimbursements.

1.3 The assets of the society may be used only for purposes laid down in this constitution. Members receive no personal financial benefit from the society's assets.

Article 2: Goals and Activities

The Society of Women in Philosophy Ireland aims to:

(i) promote philosophy by women,

(ii) raise awareness of problems and inequalities faced by women in the discipline,

(iii) support women in philosophy,

(iv) facilitate co-operation between women in philosophy on the island of Ireland,

(v) create links with women philosophers in other countries,

(vi) promote research by and on women philosophers,

(vii) organise conferences and meetings on topics of interest to women philosophers,

(viii) hold a general meeting of its members annually.

Article 3: Membership

3.1 SWIP Ireland membership is open to philosophers and others with a commitment to supporting women interested in philosophy and the goals of SWIP Ireland.

3.4 Applications to join SWIP Ireland must be made in writing to the Secretary.

3.4 Members shall pay annually such subscriptions as SWIP Ireland shall from time to time determine.

3.5 SWIP Ireland conferences are open to all members and non-members.

Article 4: The Committee

4.1 The Committee is composed of an uneven number of members of SWIP Ireland, to a maximum of 11 members.

4.2 The members of SWIP Ireland shall elect from among their number a committee consisting of the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, three ordinary members, and a student representative. To ensure continuity of the committee's work, co-officers may be elected to any of the aforementioned positions.

      4.2.1 The editor of the newsletter is an ex officio member of the committee with no voting rights.

4.3 In the first year an interim Committee will be nominated and elected at the founding General Meeting by the members present by private ballot. The interim Committee will hold office until the following Annual General Meeting (AGM).

     4.3.2 The committee may also co-opt up to two unelected members to the committee from time to time as the need arises, to act as committee members (in positions other than Chairperson and with no voting rights) until the next formal election of committee members.

4.4 Candidates for the positions shall nomiate themselves by forwarding their names to the SWIP secretary in advance of elections. Officers shall be elected by private ballot at the SWIP Ireland AGM by the members present. The positions are to be held for three years. The successful candidates will begin to function as officers from the closure of the AGM meeting.

4.5 Each member of the Committee shall retire after three years, becoming however immediately eligible for re-election. No member shall hold the same office for more than two consecutive terms.

4.6 When a place on the Executive becomes available, a member of SWIP
Ireland may be elected or re-elected to the Executive by vote of members at a meeting of the General Assembly.

4.7 A Committee member may resign from the Committee by notifying the Committee in writing.

4.8 Voting by the Committee will normally be by simple majority.

4.9 A vote of no confidence in the Committee may only be proposed with the support of at least 20% of the members of SWIP Ireland. A proposal must be made in writing to the Chairperson.

4.10 Voting in regard to 4.9 above is by a private ballot of all members present at an EGM or AGM. The vote of no confidence will be carried if a two-thirds majority are in favour of the proposal.

4.11 If a vote of no confidence is carried, elections for a new a Committee must be organised immediately.

Article 5: Meetings and Procedures

5.1 Meetings of the General Assembly of members of SWIP Ireland are held
annually or at SWIP Ireland conferences, whichever is the more frequent.

5.2 Prior to any meeting of a General Assembly the Committee will issue
invitations to attend to all members, in writing or by email, at least 4 weeks in advance of the date of the meeting. A draft agenda will be circulated at least 1
week in advance of the date of the meeting.

5.3 Minutes of each meeting of the General Assembly will be prepared and
signed by the Secretary and circulated among all members within 4 weeks of the meeting taking place.

5.4 Voting at meetings of the General Assembly will normally be by simple
majority of members present. A meeting comprising of twenty percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum.

5.5 An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called with 4 weeks notification to all members.

Article 6: The Financial Year and Annual Report

6.1 For the purposes of SWIP Ireland, the financial year runs from 1 January until 31 December each year.

6.2 At the end of the financial year the Committee will produce an Annual Report. The Annual Report will be circulated to all members of SWIP Ireland and will be an agenda item for the earliest possible meeting of the General Assembly.

Article 7: Amendments and Ratifications

7.1 Amendments to the Society of Women in Philosophy Ireland Constitution must be submitted in writing to the society's members at least 4 weeks prior to being voted upon. The said amendments will be voted on at the regular AGM or at an EGM. In order to adopt the amendment, a vote of two thirds of the general membership of SWIP Ireland in favour is necessary for the changes to be ratified.

7.2 Notification that an alteration to the Constitution has occurred must be circulated to every member of SWIP Ireland (including 'lapsed' members if contact details are available).

7.3 Dissolution of the Society can be decided only by an Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly convened specifically for this purpose, with a three-fourths majority of members who are present at the meeting.

(Ratified on 2nd March 2013)

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