SWIP Ireland Workshop


SWIP Ireland One-day workshop: Sex, Gender, Race and the Political

Queen's University Belfast

February 15, 2019


SWIP Ireland and the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics in Queen's University Belfast are delighted to co-host this one day workshop on feminist and philosophical concepts of sex, gender and race.

This workshop features a keynote session by Professor Stella Sandford on the case of Aristotle's 'Male' and 'Female' within a critical history of philosophy. It also includes contributions on the importance of transgender rights within feminist movements; epistemic injustice and counter-terrorism legislation in educational contexts; theorizing the political through gendered shame and humiliation; the complex role of namus in subjectivization processes for Kurdish women; and how the philosophical concept of speculation relates to sexual difference and racialized histories. Full programme as listed below.

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SWIP Ireland Workshop 2019

Seminar Room, First Floor, 27 University Square, Queen’s University Belfast

15th February 2019

10.15-10.30 Welcome and coffee

10.30-12.00 Post-graduate research panel

Hasret Centinkaya - Subjectivity, Propriety, and the Kurdish “everyday”: Namus and the embodied, emotional and social dimensions of sexed identities.

Isabell Dahms - Have concept, will travel: Philosophical speculation and the history of the gynaecological speculum

12.00-12.45 Professor Kathleen Lennon - Are there conflicts of interests between trans and non trans women?

12.45-13.45 Lunch

13.45-15.15 Keynote and Q&A: Professor Stella Sandford

‘What is “Critical History of Philosophy”? The Case of Aristotle’s “Male” and “Female”’

15.15-16.00 Professor Aislinn O’Donnell - Contagious ideas: vulnerability, epistemic injustice and counter-terrorism in education

16.00-16.15 Coffee break

16.15-18.00 Panel - Theorizing the Political through Gendered Shame and Humiliation in UK and Irish Contexts

Dr. Clara Fischer - Shame and Lone Parenting in Ireland

Dr. Dianna Taylor - Transformative Masculinities: Irish Republicans, Trauma, and Humiliation

Dr. Mary Edwards - Virtual Feminine Embodiment, Masochism, and the New Political Landscape

18.30 Conference Dinner


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